Workshop: Seizing the multi-$B opportunity in natural products

September 5, 2018

NPC is very pleased to present a workshop to help companies and investors take advantage of the growing demand for naturally-derived products.

‘Seizing the multi-$B opportunity in natural products’ will take place at the Invest Atlantic conference in Charlottetown, September 19, 2018 at 9:30 am. Led by Shelley King and Stephen Ball of Natural Products Canada, participants will learn:

  • The scope of the natural products opportunity and the global demand that is driving it
  • How technological advances are generating new ways to harness the power of natural compounds
  • The unique commercialization pathways for natural products and technologies
  • How companies and opportunities are developing in Atlantic Canada
  • What resources and expertise are available to help companies and investors achieve success in the sector

As a Community Sponsor of Invest Atlantic, NPC is happy to report that this session is free and open to any company or investor. Please email for details.