Virtual Pitch Series: Info For Presenting Companies

October 19, 2020

Natural Products Canada is pleased to host the Virtual Pitch Series to provide efficient opportunities for high-potential companies and entrepreneurs to showcase their natural product, technology and/or business to a targeted audience of investors, corporations and other strategic partners.

The format features a 5-minute pitch, plus at least 5 minutes for audience questions. The whole event is conducted online; presenting companies just need a quiet place with a computer and a reliable internet connection.

OPEN CALL FOR APPLICANTS: We continually accept applications from high-potential companies across a range of sectors in natural products. Applicants should be ready to present to professional investors with solid business plans and clear and concise pitch decks.

The Virtual Pitch Series is a unique opportunity to connect with an international group of qualified investors, corporations and others before investing the time and expense of traveling to an in-person meeting. As a presenting company, you will:

  • Introduce your natural product/technology/company to a select group of investors, corporations and others that can take your business to the next level
  • Receive strategic guidance and coaching from NPC before the event to help with content and delivery of your pitch and supporting materials
  • Benefit from audience questions during your pitch, as well as input from NPC on relevant comments or questions that arise from the audience after the event


  1. Industry-Relevance: The Virtual Pitch Series is open to Canadian companies involved in natural products or natural product technologies or services. (Check here to determine if your company fits our definition of a natural product or technology.)
  2. Member of the Cluster: The Virtual Pitch Series is reserved for members of Canada’s Natural Product Innovation Cluster. The Cluster is a strategic community of start-ups and SMEs, research institutes, investors, corporations and many others with a vested interest in the commercialization of innovative natural products. As a member, you can access expertise and advice, networks, as well as the ability to apply for programs, capital, and other services and events like the Virtual Pitch Series. Join the Cluster now.

The process of applying and preparing for the virtual pitch event is designed to help entrepreneurs deliver the best pitch possible. We’ll work with you right from the start to review your presentation materials and strategy to ensure you are an attractive investment opportunity for the audience.

  1. The first step is a conversation with one of our team members to help us get to know your company. If you haven’t already started talking to your Regional Director, please complete this short form so we can set up a time for an introductory call.
  2. Those who meet the eligibility criteria above are invited to submit their application materials (5-minute non-confidential pitch deck).
  3. NPC will review your material, and where necessary, talk to you about potential gaps or questions to help you prepare to pitch.
  4. NPC will schedule a technical session to help you refine and enhance your key value proposition, presentation and delivery, and ensure that you’re comfortable with the online format.
  5. After the technical session, you will have time to incorporate feedback and suggestions to revise your deck, which will be sent in advance to the investors and corporations invited to the pitch event.
  6. NPC will use its network and communications platforms (including your suggestions and connections) to invite the right investors and corporations to hear your pitch.
  7. After the event, NPC will provide feedback arising from the audience. Where possible and relevant, we’ll continue to work with you to address any key gaps or concerns to help you achieve your goals.

To get started, complete this short form.