Product Development Webinar

February 26, 2018

Anybody can make a product. But can you make one that customers actually adore?

Join us for a two-part webinar with Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design. They are graciously sharing their 3-D product design process with the NPC community.

Susan Weaver, Managing Director of Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design

Susan Weaver, Managing Director of Pearl, will walk attendees through their discover/distill/design process that is deeply founded in knowing what your customers want (and need!) and making it for them. She’ll show you 12 thought-provoking exercises in the three larger stages of the development process to get you thinking totally differently about your next product.

This is a remarkable opportunity to focus on the nuts and bolts of product development, and make sure that your next product is a hit with your customers. All from the comfort of your computer. Register here for Part 2  on Tuesday, March 20 at 2pm EST. (Check back soon for a link to the recordings of both Parts 1 and 2.)

Can’t wait for the webinar? Sign up for a complimentary copy of the 3D Process here.