Our Portfolio: An Update at 18 Months

September 5, 2018

NPC began investing in early stage Canadian natural product companies in March 2017. Since that time, we’ve made five investments, and experienced one exit.

  • FireRein It has developed a powerful new fire-fighting compound made entirely of natural materials, leaving no environmental impact on the natural surroundings.
  • Mazza Innovation They’ve refined the process of extracting valuable components from plant material such as botanicals and were recently acquired by a global leader in natural flavours and fragrances, creating NPC’s first exit.
  • Island Water Technologies It’s taking the wastewater management sector by storm with its high-tech tools that harness the power of microbes, which are one of nature’s most effective water purifiers.
  • Chinova Bioworks Their mushroom-based natural preservative has captured the interest of major players in the food and beverage industry, not to mention investors like DSM Ventures, AgFunder and Rhapsody Ventures.
  • BioTEPP Solving a major problem for fruit growers, this company’s natural pesticide protects apple, pear and other trees from damaging insects like the codling moth.

NPC has over 400 opportunities in its pipeline. It works with those companies to help them through their various stages of commercialization, assist in making them ‘investment-ready’, and introduce them to potential investors. And where appropriate, NPC invests in those opportunities with Canadian and international investment partners like those mentioned above.

If you’d like to learn more about our investment process, and how we help investors discover, develop and de-risk opportunities, please talk to us.