NPC supports three more companies through its Commercialization Programs

May 21, 2020

A prebiotic beverage, a cricket farm, and a bioplastics company are the latest businesses to receive support from Natural Products Canada through its Commercialization Programs.

“These companies demonstrate the ingenuity and innovation coming from the Canadian entrepreneurial community,” says Shelley King, CEO, Natural Products Canada. “Their alignment with key market drivers, and the clarity of their vision make them perfect candidates for the programs.”

The programs are designed to address key challenges for high potential innovative companies.

“Many of the early-stage companies we see have credible science behind their product or technology, but have gaps in critical areas such as the strategy, leadership, or market,” says King. “The programs target the work needed to get the companies over those hurdles to meet their potential.”

The latest companies to successfully make it through the application process are Bosk Bioproducts, Crazy D’s All Natural Labs, and Entomo Farms.

Bosk Bioproducts address a critical and growing demand for bioplastics,” says King. “We have been impressed by their technology and strategy to get these products into the market.” Bosk received repayable funds through the Executive Talent Program to hire a Engineering Director to help scale their product to meet the demands of industry.

Addressing consumer demand for functional food and beverages, Crazy D’s All Natural Labs has a line of delicious sparkling beverages packed with prebiotic fibre.

“Crazy D’s has refined their product for functionality and taste,” says King. “The progression of their thinking and strategy as they’ve brought the product to market is impressive.” Crazy D’s received funds through the Fast Track To Financing Program to support national retail expansion necessary to attract growth capital.

Entomo Farms is one of the largest cricket farms in North America,” says King. “Their partnership with Maple Leaf, and strategic approach to the market give them a solid footing in the burgeoning sector of edible insects.” Entomo Farms received funds through the Executive Talent Program to hire a CEO to help them refine and implement their strategic growth plan.

The three companies join earlier recipients, DoseBiome, Healthy Cow, Oberland Agriscience and Partake Brewing.

The Commercialization Programs are open to members of Canada’s Natural Product Innovation Cluster. Applicants are encouraged to schedule a meeting with Kim Johnstone, Program Director, before completing the online application.