NPC announces recipients of Proof of Concept program

December 1, 2019

Oral health, veterinary care, and alternative proteins: the latest recipients of NPC’s Commercialization Programs

Dec. 3, 2019

A new national funding program is revealing the growing demand for clean, green, natural solutions generated from nearly every industry.

The three companies approved for Natural Products Canada’s Proof of Concept program represent a diverse range of innovation in natural products, including human and animal health, as well as insect proteins.

“We continue to see Canadian companies bringing innovative natural solutions to major issues with huge market potential,” says Shelley King, CEO, Natural Products Canada. “The Proof of Concept program helps these science-based companies take an important step toward getting their products into the hands of customers.”

The Proof of Concept program is designed to help companies pursue projects that will validate the commercial viability of their natural product, technology or service.

DoseBiome, makers of the plaque-fighting beverage Drinkqii, will conduct human clinical trials for its new oral care product.

“Funding for human clinical trials is not easy to find,” says Ted Jin, CEO. “NPC’s Proof of Concept program was exactly what we needed to complete these trials in a timely manner that will allow us to capitalize on our market leading position.”

Efficient food production with reduced use of antibiotics is a growing global concern. Healthy Cow will conduct field trials in the US and Canada to demonstrate efficacy and market potential of their probiotic product, ProPreg, developed for bovine reproductive health.

“Cattle farmers need extensive in-field proof that our product works,” says Richard Strafehl, CEO. “These field trials provide practical evidence to give them the data and comfort they need to adopt our product.”

Addressing the growing demand for sustainable protein, Oberland Agriscience, producers of black soldier fly protein for pet food and aquaculture and poultry feed, will scale up their facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“The demand for insect protein is skyrocketing,” says Greg Wanger, CEO. “We have a real opportunity through the Proof of Concept program to get our facility up and running in full production capacity.”

The Proof of Concept program is part of Natural Product Canada’s suite of Commercialization Programs designed to address strategic gaps in the commercialization process for high-potential Canadian companies developing naturally-derived products, technologies and services. The Executive Talent program helps companies fill senior leadership roles, and the Go-To-Market program enables companies to complete projects such as a competitive analysis or regulatory plan that can inform their market strategy.

For more information, contact Sue Coueslan, VP Communications and Stakeholder Relations

Natural Products Canada (NPC) is the driving force behind Canada’s Natural Product Innovation Cluster–a strategic community of SMEs, research institutes, corporations, investors, government departments, and service providers who support the development and commercialization of naturally-derived products and technologies in health and life sciences, natural resources, agriculture and agri-food, and sustainable bioproducts. As part of its role in the Cluster, NPC offers a suite of Commercialization Programs to help companies and researchers advance high-potential products and technologies; provides connection and innovation scouting services to industry and investors through its Innovation Hub; and leverages its Investment Fund to help develop and de-risk promising Canadian opportunities. NPC has over 500 opportunities in its pipeline, has completed seven investments, and has already experienced two exits. Established in 2016, NPC is funded by a range of public and private investors, including the Government of Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Commercialization and Research (CECR) program, administered by the Networks of Centres of Excellence. Visit

DoseBiome applies microbiome research to new foods that enhance the healthy bacteria within us. Our company is discovering breakthrough ways to modulate the oral and gut microbiome through what we eat and drink every day. Our first product, qii, is the world’s only oral care drink. Designed for accessibility, qii replaces your midday sugar-sweetened beverage with a healthy option that is pH neutral and effective against risk of cavities, gingivitis, and bad breath. Food can be medicine, easily accessible for everyone, and our mandate is to ensure that becomes reality.

Healthy Cow Corporation is an ag-biotech focused on the dairy sector. The company applies scientific research in the bovine microbiome and metabolomics to develop alternative products and strategies that prevent critical disorders. Our products are naturally sourced and enable farmers to rely less on antibiotics and hormones while improving profitability.

Oberland is an indoor insect farm that generates a high value insect-based protein product addressing the significant market demand for pet food, aquaculture and agriculture feed in Canada. Oberland’s environmentally sustainable, industrial-scale black soldier fly larvae rearing plant diverts pre-consumer waste to close the local food loop. Oberland is in a unique position to simultaneously ease Atlantic Canada’s organic waste burden; produce a much-needed protein product; and generate economic benefit for the region.