The Go-To-Market Program

August 20, 2019

Natural Products Canada (NPC) is pleased to launch its latest program to help Canadian natural product entrepreneurs overcome key commercialization hurdles. The Go-To-Market program targets the critical planning process needed to move natural products and technologies into the hands of customers.

“Having an innovative product is only half the battle,” says NPC’s CEO, Shelley King. “You need a roadmap to get your product to the right customer in a competitive way.”

The Go-To-Market program addresses challenges associated with collecting and transforming key market intelligence into actionable strategies. It was developed after extensive review and consultation with hundreds of Canadian companies, research institutes and support organizations who are working in and around the development of natural products or natural product technologies.

King says, “Entrepreneurs need to think strategically about their position in the market, and how to maximize the profitability of their product or technology. It takes a lot of work and insight to develop a plan that is actually commercially viable.”

Much of that work can be completed via the Go-To-Market program. It provides up to 50% of the costs of a project conducted by a qualified service provider. Projects must deliver a go-to-market plan or an important component of that plan such as a regulatory strategy, competitive review, or channel selection.

The Go-To-Market program relies on the expertise of qualified service providers who have extensive experience. Applicants who are not already engaged with the appropriate expert can tap into NPC’s database of consultants and qualified service providers.

The Go-To-Market program is one of three new commercialization programs launched this summer by NPC in support of Canada’s Natural Product Innovation Cluster. The programs are designed to provide strategic supports to Cluster members that are developing high-potential natural products and technologies. The Executive Talent program targets critical gaps in leadership teams, while the Proof of Concept program addresses activities that validate the commercial viability of a natural product or technology.

Visit the Programs page of our website to learn more, or contact Kim Johnstone, Program Director.

To learn how to be included in NPC’s expert service provider database, visit the Innovation Support Members page.